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Olivia Rodrigo Stuns 2023 VMAs With Chaotic Fiery Performance

Photo: Getty Images

Two years after making her MTV Video Music Awards debut, Olivia Rodrigo returned to the 2023 VMAs stage for another incredible performance, this time treating the crowd to a chaotic, and even scary, performance of two of her newest songs.

Rodrigo kicked off her performance with "Vampire," and just like the music video, what started as a simple tune sung in a foggy garden on a stage in front of a crowd devolved into a fiery, seemingly curated disaster. While some fans may have seen what was coming, the crowd was left stunned and speechless as the stage started falling apart, sparks started flying and Rodrigo was swept off stage.

Photo: Getty Images

Despite leaving the stage, she quickly returned as if nothing even happened, surrounded by several lookalikes dancing around as she excitedly launched into "Get Him Back," vowing to get "sweet revenge" on an ex.

Photo: Getty Images

Rodrigo released GUTS earlier this month, a highly-anticipated follow-up to her successful debut album SOUR and another record where she gets vulnerable and opens up about her insecurities. After dropping the album, she gushed to fans about how "making this album was so fun and scary and thrilling and fulfilling." The "Vampire" singer recently addressed rumors of a possible feud with superstar and fellow VMA attendee Taylor Swift, clearing up speculation that there was "beef" between the two. Being in the public eye like both musicians are means any interaction, or lack thereof, is intensely scrutinized. Rodrigo previously spoke to Phoebe Bridgers about the "trauma" that can come with fame, with the 20-year-old saying that there is "so much social climbing and lust for fame" and that "everyone is yearning for some sort of internet virality."

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