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Dua Lipa Reveals Her Plans For Future Albums And Tours

Dua Lipa has had the world dancing since the release of "Don't Start Now," the first single from her second album, Future Nostalgia. It seems like the album came just in time to hold people over during the global coronavirus pandemic, having been released in March of 2020. Lipa performed "Don't Start Now" on March 30 of last year on James Corden's late-night show from "a precarious setup in an Airbnb," according to Vanity Fair. She said, "It was a really smalls studio flat. I was balancing my iPhone on my laptop, using little oven lights from behind to give me some ambience." So after seemingly taking the world by storm with the song and album, what comes next? The artist revealed plans for future tours and albums in a recent cover story with Vanity Fair. According to the story, Lipa has plans for at least two more albums and tours over the next few years. She also brought up plans to potentially act or make wine. However, she remained adamant that the music must come first. She said, "I want to solidify myself as an artist in that aspect first, before anything else. For now, I just wanna make sure the music is good."

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